Granby United Church – 1830 – Present

Originally organized in 1830 as First Congregational Church, in 1925, the congregation joined the new union of Methodist, Congregational and some Presbyterian churches to become known as the Granby United Church. A wooden church building was built in 1841 but was destroyed by fire in 1879. A new brick building was erected on the same site in 1881 and today stands proudly on the Main Street of Granby. Over the years the congregation grew steadily and additions to accommodate the growing Sunday school were made in 1905 and again in 1961. An extension of the church building was also made in 1916 to house the new two manual Casavant Organ which is still the pride and joy of the congregation.

The Granby United Church has been fortunate to have had several ministers who remained with the congregation for long terms giving a strong sense of continuity to the pastoral care of the parish. In 1969, during the pastorate of the Rev. Cyril Foggo, ecumenical history was made when an invitation was extended to St-Patrick’s Roman Catholic Community to share the church building. Masses have been held regularly ever since and the ongoing cooperation between the two congregations demonstrates the essential unity of Christ’s Church. Every month, the Young in Heart group meet to play cards and games and seniors enjoy playing shuffleboard in the hall every Monday morning. Other groups such as the Rebekah Assembly, Beaver Lodge, Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous use the hall for their meetings. The church has an extensive library of English books which is free and well used, as it is the main source of English literature in Granby.

St-George’s Anglican Church and St.Patricks Catholic Community maintain a close relationship with Granby United in the sharing of worship services and choir recitals. The United Church in St-Paul d’Abbotsford is situated at the base of Abbotsford Mountain , 17 kilometers west of Granby and is part of the 2 point charge of Granby – Abbotsford with joint worship services being held on several occasions throughout the year.

2010 marks the 180th anniversary of Granby United Church as an active congregation.

For a more complete history of this and other United Churches in the area please refer to the book “With Heart and Hands and Voices” written by Granby United parishioner, Phyllis Hamilton.