It is tough these days to come up with new fundraising ideas because bake sales, flea markets and suppers just don’t bring in the funds like they used to. So what is a church to do??? Well, we here at Granby United Church were approached by the Festival International de Chanson de Granby and they asked if they could use the church as a venue for some of the artists on September 12th to 14th. We thought sure, why not, let’s try it. Little did we know how much they were truly going to transform the sanctuary. In only 2 days, they removed all the pews and other structures, put down a temporary carpet, erected a stage, installed sound and lighting equipment and filled the space with tables and chairs to create a nightclub atmosphere. As you can see by the photo below, what a different space the sanctuary became. Numerous musical artists entertained patrons over the 3 day event. The last act ended at midnight on the Friday evening and by the Sunday morning service, you would never have known what had taken place there. We look forward to next year.

Download: Report for January 2012

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